Gist : Muslim/Muslim Ticket Is A No! - Zakka Sylvanus Bulus


In Nigeria, the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the standard-bearer for the APC is a welcome development because due process was adhered to and a democratic process was followed. 

In a sane and liberal society power can emanate from any section/region of a country without regard to religion or regionality, provided competence is the factor sorted for. Unfortunately, Africa and Nigeria in particular with her Democracy still at a primordial stage are still far from this ideal. Sadly, in this part of the world, the similitude that religion still stands as the basis of our social identity is undeniable. 

A balance in the dissemination of power is sacrosanct to a Juvenile democracy like the one in Nigeria, a more reason why some political parties adopt the idea of Zoning in power shifts. We have been paying lip service to the sermons of peace and tolerance and yet we found it so difficult to accommodate others of opposite faith.

It is no doubt the North has the strongest voting power due to its population density, the North over the years has proven to be the most hospitable region to live in before the emergence of terrorism and banditry, the North has been home to all regardless of tribe and religion. With a majority Muslim population, it will interest you to know that the North harbors indigenous Christians at the core of its fabric. 

The power tussle in Nigeria is largely contended between the North and the South with meticulous regard to religious balance, such that a Christian Southern president must be paired with a Northern Muslim as Vice to strike a balance and vice-versa, this is widely accepted with understanding across every corner of our Nation.

With the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu a Muslim from the south and the presidential candidate for the ruling party who may likely be Nigeria's next president, the ideal reciprocal is to pair him with a Christian Vice from the North and this is social inclusion and fairness as always.

What I find utterly disgusting is hearing some Muslim Northerners saying they will not Vote for Tinubu if he picks a Northern Christian as Vice and that he must pick another Muslim as running mate, a proposition like this from my Northern Muslim brothers often prompts a million questions into my thinking faculty; are the Christians from the North not also Nigerians? Are the Christians from the North not competent enough to hold public offices like this? Are Christians in Nigeria regarded as Nigerians? the questions keep coming......

The last 7 years of governance in Nigeria saw Buhari a Muslim from the North as the president, I personally did not only vote for him, I campaigned for him. still yet, the Next 8 years of leadership may likely have another Muslim(Atiku, Tinubu, or Kwankwaso) as the president, we the Nigerian Christians are not opposed to that and some of us are actively working to get one of them emerge as president all in a bid to get the country working again for growth and development. But you can imagine, what others are concern about is getting a MUSLIM-MUSLIM ticket which they know so well will do nothing but divide the country further. 

I will unequivocally say this, the Nigerian Christians will resist with all force any attempt to impose a  MUSLIM-MUSLIM ticket on this country and we will never Vote for any Presidential candidate that fields such a ticket. You ruled uninterruptedly for 8 years and still want to consolidate that with another 8 years of rule with a MUSLIM-MUSLIM ticket, that is IMPOSSIBLE and UNACCEPTABLE.     

#God Bless Nigeria


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  1. A wonderful piece for every Nigerian

  2. That's your opinion and you are entitled to it.

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