Gist : Why I Hate Besties. A Twitter User Share Personal Story.

A twitter user (name and handle withheld) shared a sad and heartbreaking story of how he was cheated on by his then girlfriend with a guy she always addresses as “My Bestie“ 

In a hot conversation where people are busy expressing themselves and giving reasons why they like and dislike the bestie of a thing, this user shut lots of people’s mouth with his reason being so hard to believe.

In a thread he wrote “Why I Hate Besties.”

Except if what we have is a fling, I cannot be comfortable with my partner having a male besties.

You see, Besties are nothing but demons sent from the pit of hell to reap where they did not sow or plant in other people’s farm and eat what they did not cook.

I learnt the hard way, some years back, it was his birthday and my then girlfriend posted his picture and gave it one of the most heartbreaking captions I’ve ever seen.

“Moi love, moi sweetheart, moi gist partner  moi shoulder to lean on, moi bestie.            Happy birthday sweedie!                            Wueirirodjshajskfjdddjs.
I love you”

Ahhn! Babe, I don’t understand o.
if he’s all these then who am I to you?
She flared up.
“So I cannot wish my bestie happy birthday again?
Why are you so insecure?”

Where I even jam this girl from sef?

I took a deep breath before replying,                        Babe, I didn’t say you shouldn’t wish you bestie happy birthday but from your captions he’s basically a de facto boyfriend.                                    Husband sef.

“Why are you talking like this?                                   You know it is you I love.                                        He’s just a friend..“ she replied

He’s not just a friend.
You post him on your WhatsApp almost everytime.
Oh, you think I don’t know? You blocked me from seeing them but I still do anyway. You barely call e these days  yet you call him even in my presence.
What is left? Is it till you start having sex with him before…..

“Don’t even go there! You know my stand on premarital sex!                              
I am not having sex with anybody who is not my husband and no guy will change that.
Not you, not him, not anybody!                          How could you even think of that?                I’m so disgusted with you right now.”

Oh…I’m sorry. I am just not comfortable with the closeness…

Fine! When you are comfortable, let me know!

I starred at my phone with an unseeing eye,
wondering how I’d suddenly become the villain.
I thought of calling her but go against it.
It would be better if we discuss it face to face.
I would go to her house instead.

I tried her number when I got to her lodge,
heard the phone ring but she didn’t pick.
Maybe she’s still angry let me give her a surprise.A pleasant surprise

I went to the shawarma stand a short distance away from her lodge and bought some cus she likes shawarma.                                                        She would stop being angry if she sees the shawarma.                             

Got back to the lodge, tried her door, it opened.                                         
I saw them unclad, dancing the oldest dance that ever existed.                            
She was bent over her reading table,                    eyes closed, hairs disheveled,                      boobs flailing in different directions,
moaning like a scared cat.

He was right behind her piping her like she wasn’t somebody’s daughter.                   

Like she fell from the sky.                                   

Like she had offended him before.

And my girlfriend who was keeping her virginity for her husband,                              
my girlfriend who wouldn’t greet my neighbor because she didn’t attend fellowship and wore bum shorts all the time,                                          my girlfriend who wouldn’t sleep over at my place to avoid temptations,                             
my girlfriend was receiving a 7inches of intense pxrn like penising like a star.

The shawarma fell from my hand sounding like a bombin the enclosed space of the room.  Their eyes flew open and the froze, mid coitus. I saw the guilt in her eyes and indecision in his.

After a moment, he made his decision.                
I watch in horror as he gave my baby a few more thrust and came.                        
grunting like a hungry ram.

As she ran to her bathroom to clean up, I wished him a happy birthday.                           
“I bought shawarma for you bro, I didn’t know that my girlfriend was even giving you a better happy birthday. Here’s the shawarma bro, you can use it as an appetizer.”

I gave him a handshake. Nice one bro. goodnight.            
I left him naked, speechless, victorious and defeated.

That’s how I broke up with her and not to ever to take any girl serious with a male bestie.            That is very disrespectful and in another way form of cheating.


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