Music : New De Rhymer - Fear Of COVID-19 ft MisBanQz ( Audio + Lyrics)

The recent Corona virus pandemic that hit the world has create so much fear and panic in the heart of people.
This is a son

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The Corona Virus has gone from been an Unknown Enemy, To source of Global Terror, The Global Anxiety is Fluctuating intending with the Flow of the information from China, Yesterday They Said  more People were Recovering, Today  they have reported the Highest Number of Deaths. what do you believe?


But remember that it's Not Gonna Last forever, All we gotta to do Is To keep on praying Every Hour

I heard some of you, Blaming the People of wuhan  CHINA
saying that they're the cause of this pandemic CORONA
can we please stop blaming the people of CHINA   
Even though they're the epicenter of CORONA

Remember, Before now many were battling with Ebola and LASSA
making less the talk of H.I.V and CANCER
Suddenly here comes  a Pandemic that has
 respect for even a BOUNCER

Now Covid 19 is what every media house is talking ABOUT
Making everyone to look for Mask to cover his Nose  MOUTH
It has caused Many Countries to spend Unknown AMOUNT
 yet, the Number of lives it has claimed is too hard to COUNT

when you  sneezed people may think you have  CORONA
like marathon everybody is now a RUNNER
Unfortunately in this race we ain't looking for a WINNER

just yesterday i saw a man running for his LIFE
he has been claiming Romeo but he ran and left his WIFE (HAHAHA this is serious)

it has Caused a Serious global ANXIETY
Now tell me, should the government  isolate Everybody in My COMMUNITY

Or they should quarantine the whole  people in My CITY
because it has already terminated the life's of so my  within the SOCIETY

I saved my Money to buy FERTILIZER
But i ended up spending it on Hand SANITIZER

the War now is Not about RELIGION
Because it has Affected many Religions
 in Every REGION

No more Worship in Mosque and CHURCH
 Lord please hear our cry this is getting too MUCH

Religious leaders and Politicians have been isolated in the  EMERGENCY
football fans are also seeking for MERCY
Because covid 19 has  stopped them from watching Ronaldo and MESSI

FIFA had to Postpone football COMPETITION
Husband in SEPARATION from wife because of compulsory ISOLATION
Intending Couples are going through FRUSTRATION
because they Have no OPTION but for them to cancel their wedding SOLEMNIZATION
Movement RESTRICTION just to curb the spread of the INFECTION
Alas! The whole world is under serious TENSION

many  people around me are Sneezing and COUGHING
that is why the Government decided  to impose a CURFEW
But the Question is Now!!
 if all Of us are indoors and someone dies, who Will then make the COFFIN ?

even with the Lock DOWN
Our Temperature haven't come DOWN

Many are forced into QUARANTINE
Where no one can join them for VALENTINE

The whole world Now is Shaking
Because the News we always hear is very Heart BREAKING
Even with Masks any gathering above 50 is Law BREAKING
Many are now afraid of ordinary Hand SHAKING
Others are scared of even Love MAKING

In CNN i saw many in great DISARRAY
All over the World they  have gone ASTRAY
Then, why can't we ask God for Forgiveness and Mercy as we PRAY
So that this Virus will not have us all as  PREY

World Health Organization is very CREATIVE with her INITIATIVE
To Take Care of those who were tested POSITIVE
Government is also ACTIVE with efforts to help with PALLIATIVE
Indeed, many patients are becoming very RESPONSIVE
But only God has the final solution and a better ALTERNATIVE

 In other Words God is the only VACCINE
But only if we stop living in SIN

So instead of us getting BITTERRED let's cry to God to make the World BETTER
Because no MATTER  the MATTER, when we pray   attend to our MATTER
At this crucial moment, looking up unto Him is all
For we are like Clay and He's the POTTER


i know that You're Aware of All the pain we're Going through
And The Fear that We're Passing through Everyday
But, remember that it's Not Gonna Last forever
All we gotta to do Is To keep on praying Every Hour


#Im The Gospel Rhyming CANTOR
Hope you Know, i Have No MENTOR
Rather Than My CREATOR
#New De Rhymer
#Fear Of Covid 19
#stay Save My People

And Now, We'll Not  want to be  Black formed telling people  to Buy the information getting lost in Debate and Mostly in Chinese Propaganda

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