Music : GenEx Shalele - Save Us (Audio + Lyrics)

Should I Say It Is A Surprised Track Or A Promise Fulfilment Track ?
Let Me Tell You The Story Behind It...
It Started 2 Days Ago When GenEx AKA Shalelen Ubangiji Made A Post On Facebook In Which He Promised To Record And Release A Track On The COVID-19 Pandemic Disturbing The World At The Moment With The Condition That He Gets 300+ Likes And Comments On The Post As Well.
Surprisingly It Happened And He Keep To His Promise By Recording And Releasing It For All To Get.

Download Song Here

See Lyrics Here.

Oh Lord
Stone they all rejected
Still you did the unexpected
And stepped down from the throne
Oh Lord
Lower than the angels
No one else can save us
Cuz you are God alone

You are God alone
And only you can save us Yeah
Allah na ne Sarkin Yaki
Ka fisu gudu kafi karfin a maka parking
Wa ke son ya hada Zakin Yahuza da dan alade?
Akwai bambanci tsakanin kidan Don Moen da kidan Olamide
Allah Ubangiji yau gani nan gaban ka
Ya zama dole in rubuta sabuwar waka
Kamar snooker in mun ci black zaka raka
Amma rokon ka muke Uba ka dan rage fushin ka
Allah Ubangiji kai kadai zamu bi
In har ka juya mana baya yaya zamu yi?
Gashi muna ta fama
Don muna aikata zunuban da kai da kanka ka mana gargadi
Anxiety gripping every corner of the world
It’s hard to put it into words
Severe infections are still accelerating
And our hopes keep evaporating
Authorities and governments have failed to protect us
But we have a God who will never ever leave us
I pray we will find relief
So that in return we will trust and belief


Zunuban mu sun yi yawa kamar na zamanin na Lutu
Babu kunya har mutane suna takama da ludu
He gave us His commands to follow and obey
But that’s not what is taught on some pulpits today
Instead we are told the laws God gave
Can be used to suit however we want to behave
We promote transgression in the name of tolerance
Skewing the words of God to suit our preference
Mutanen duniya sun taurare
Kalmomin Allah a zuciyan mu sun kankare
Ya kamata mu zauna mu auna
Zamu gane zunubi ne ya kawo Corona
For the wages of sin is death
That’s why we are filled with fear and regrets
If you ask people around do you have a good day?
Too often the answer you get is nay!
Now we come to your throne, your face we seek
We can’t do it all alone the human race is weak
My undying faith told me that you are here
That’s why I pour my heart to you believing you will hear


If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins and will heal their land.
Therefore we cry to you Lord, please hear us, forgive us and heal our land.
Thank you Lord
GenEx Shalelen Ubangiji
Na gode

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