Chhaupadi : The Unknown Hard Life From Within.

Chhaupadi is a form of menstrual taboo which prohibits Hindu women and girls from participating in normal family activities while menstruating, as they are considered "impure". Chhaupadi is practiced primarily in the western part of Nepal.

It has been a long standing tradition that when young women and girls start their period they are shunned by their family and community members. During the length of time that they are on their period these young women and girls are forced to stay in a cattle shed or hut. This stands away from their family home. They are not allowed to be apart of family events, eat the same food as their family, or touch their family members.
 As these young girls and women are considered to be “impure”. Many young girls and women have died from this practice.

Cause of Death/Injury

• Attack by wild animals
• Rape
• Infection (Unclean environment)
• Smoke inhalation
• Pneumonia
• Asphyxiation/suffocation  (lack of oxygen after lit fire)
• Carbon Monoxide poisoning
• Bitten by scorpions or snakes
• Illnesses from exposure

Below is a hut where women during Chhaupadi find shelter.

Menstruating and child birthing is never impure instead a moment where women of age need a great care and attention not procrastination and making them feel of no value while living in unsafe zones and area.
Yes it is being taken as a culture in the Nepal.
For one to change culture,one need to change and impose new laws. What am I saying here? I'm calling on people in high position and with influence to make a bold step by seeing all those who passed,are passing and about to pass through this process have a safe life and live in a safe environment among people and feel accepted all the time and not dejected and rejected by closed people who should have been there.
It really hurts.
A group of concern individual took it upon themselves to see that they have done their part in reaching out to those in that situation to show care n love to them while in this hard time made some donations to them 

You can also reach out to girls and women in this situations by giving your own token through
P.O Box 568,
Pilot Point, Texas

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