Today In History : 1973 Kano Plane Crash And More

1973: A plane crashed in Kano, Nigeria, killing 176 people.

The Kano air disaster was a chartered Boeing 707 passenger flight on 22 January 1973 that crashed while attempting to land at Kano International Airport. It is the deadliest aviation disaster ever to take place in Nigeria,[1] as 176 passengers and crew perished in the crash. There were 26 survivors. [wikipedia]

1510 Jews are expelled from Colmar, Alsace

1771 Spain cedes Falkland Islands to Britain

1798 Coup d’état in Batavian Republic

1824 Ashantis defeat British forces in the Gold Coast

1831 Charles Darwin takes his Bachelors of Art exam at Christ’s College, Cambridge, coming tenth out of 171 candidates

1842 Charles Dickens arrives in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife, Catherine

1879 Zulu warriors attack British Army camp in Isandhlwana, South Africa

1901 After 63 years Britain stops sale of Queen Victoria postage stamps series & begins King Edward VII series

1905: Russian Revolution: In St Petersburg, Russia, a large demonstration of workers led by Father Gapon, march to the Winter Palace with a petition to the Tsar; troops fire on protesters in what becomes known as ‘Bloody Sunday’

1908 Katie Mulcahey is arrested for lighting a cigarette, violating the 1-day old “Sullivan Ordinance” banning women from smoking in public, and is fined $5. Appearing before the judge she stated “I’ve got as much right to smoke as you have. I never heard of this new law, and I don’t want to hear about it. No man shall dictate to me.”

1964 Kenneth Kaunda becomes premier of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia)

1968 “Lady Soul” 14th studio album by Aretha Franklin is released (Billboard Album of the Year 1968)

1973 George Foreman TKOs Joe Frazier in 2 rounds to win WBC & WBA heavyweight boxing titles in Kingston, Jamaica; Frazier knocked down 3 times in both 1st & 2nd rounds

1988 Mike Tyson TKOs Larry Holmes in 4 in Atlantic City to retain his undisputed heavyweight boxing title; 38-year old former champion floored 3 times in 4th before fight stopped

2017 Jared Kushner is sworn in as Senior Advisor to US President, Donald Trump

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