Review : Has SkyMan Quit The Music ? Why Has He Been Silent?

One most be wondering why and how is Skyman quiet lately in the musical scene or where has he been that kept me off the light for these long time?
Well yes its been a long time since he last drop a single.

  • Yes it's no doubt he's been silent and you are right to ask.
After a little chit chat with the artist he vividly explain the reasons he's been off the mic this long time
His silence in the industry was not for quitting or out of lyrics. He's been busy cooking up an album.
Yes! You heard me right an album. It is a comeback album after those times spend serving his motherland through the NYSC. Now that he's done with it, music is next on the line.
So before the official details about the album, he choose to release a single off it which he calls it " My Shoe. "
My shoe is a song about how he was wrongly judge by people who have no idea what he has and he's been going through on and off the limelight of the music industry instead of being empathic.
In a couple of days the song will be released to you  all. From there you'll listen to some reasons he's been wrongly judged.
Should we talk about the rapping skills and delivery? Probably not he's always on beast mode when doing that.

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