Article : Why Wait?

Why Wait?

Time they say is our greatest asset and when wasted, it is forever gone and It is also the greatest enemy to those who wrongfully use it.
Sometimes I fear using this single syllable word.
Not because of any other odd thing but because it most at times discourage me of doing what I’m ought to do at that time.
Coco Chanel a pioneering French fashion designer said “My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” think of it if she had wait on someone to do exactly that to her life. Will she find the perfect man? How good will her life be if she had wait?
Can you remember the time of your childhood when you had that great fun-filled day with you friends and family?
I bet you never want the day to went by when you’re busy enjoying it or a moment of regret when you’re suppose to do something that would’ve changed your life now and you couldn’t do it? I’m certain you always pray for Deja vu ( Reoccurance of a particular event) .
In moment of decision making, more than enough silly reasons comes to your way whenever you are suppose to make that life changing choice instead they distract you or give yo tons of reasons to wait for tomorrow.
Tomorrow never ends. Do it today! The opportunity may probably not be there for you to do it tomorrow.
A Hausa proverb quote ‘Barin Abinci yayi sanyi rabon wani ne’ meaning ‘When you want to do something, better do it at the moment you have it at hand else it gonna be somebody’s only chance if you kicked it out.
Yes waiting may be good but not all the time. You don’t own the time. It may also be extremely bad to some extent.
One of the offspring of ‘WAIT’ that always accompany it is usually ‘Forgetting the fact that you have something very important to do’
So why wait? Act as soon as the opportunity shows itself. It might be the very first, only and last of its kind you’ll ever see.


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