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Dobbia.com is a customer-centric organization that focuses primarily on making it easier for prospective migrants to move overseas and to live out their dreams. Within its walls you will find excited, energetic and passionate individuals that live, sleep and breath immigration. Our focus is to create a space where assistance can be provided through cutting edge technology while creating a working environment that is stimulating, rewarding and comfortable for our staff.

Immigration to Canada is not easy, but it is achievable – especially if you meet the eligibility requirements and receive the highest level of professional Canadian immigration assistance possible. Over 300,000 foreign nationals from various countries and diverse backgrounds move to Canada every year and our goal is to help you and your family to also have the opportunity to enjoy the high standard of living available through Canadian immigration.
Our team of experts are dedicated to helping people like you go all the way toward realizing your dream to live in Canada. We take the guess work out of the Canadian immigration process by evaluating your best option for a permanent resident visa to Canada, explaining exactly what you need to do, and answering your questions along the way. Thus, if you want to move to Canada, the professional team of experts at Dobbia.com are committed to facilitating your optimal Canadian immigration solution! 

Dobbia.com is a private consulting firm specializing in helping people around the globe to immigrate to Canada and is not in any way affiliated with the Canadian government which has the sole authority to issue a visa to Canada. Although people may apply for immigration to Canada by themselves on the Canadian government’s website, many people choose to receive the professional services, Dobbia.com  provides advice and assistance related to Canadian immigration, including expert evaluation and guidance in applying for a visa to Canada.


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