#Gist : Bauchi Facebook Hangout

With massive use of Facebook within Bauchi ( BeeHive ) and its locality, Some of its popular users ( Loula and Borre ) brought upon the idea of hangout with the sole aim of users getting to meet and connect and probably form a network of friends on their own.
What do you think? Nice huh? Well it doesn't just stop there. There will be alot of music,dance and celebration with the likes of BOC Madaki being the state's lead man beimg there you don't expect it to be bored.
Hahaha can anything of this kind happen without photography? I don't think so.
What if you get to meet that your Facebook crush ? Will you just stand there and be smiling like someone who has just win a lottery? He'll no! You've got to make a move and snap if you can't talk. As simple as that.

Wanna be a vendor?
Below is the list of token to be paid if you wanna be any of it

When is it taking place?

September  9th 2018
Venue is E4 Resort
Time : 3pm Red Carpet
            4pm Main Event


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