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After incorporating the Company, KDS ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED, on the 19th of January 2018 by CAC, the C.E.O of the Record Label has made it clear that the official studio (KDS RECORDS) of KDS ENTERTAINMENT has has no official producers working with the firm.
However, there have been producers working in the studio but are yet to be made official prior to agreements yet to be reached & NEVER FOR ONCE TO BE BREACHED by the producers when signed into the company.
The company is therefore inviting all the producers that have been working with KDS RECORDS to endeavor to come over to the studio and obtain a copy of the contract to read and fully comprehend and to also come to terms with the rules and regulations of the company before been recognized as a producer under the company's official recording studio otherwise, such persons should never claim to be legit producers of the studio to avoid legal actions.
This would be the 1st signing the studio is ever going to carry out.
More so, there is Vacancy for apprenticeship at the moment so those interested should endeavor to see the C.E.O before 7pm on Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018. 

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