New Year Resolution or What??

NB; This Is Base on My Idea and I Am NOT In Any Way Condemning New Year Resolution(s)
It’s NEW YEAR and another New Phase of our lives. Making New Year resolution(s) each year has become more like a culture to us yet to keep to it to the latter end is another thing.
Culture as we all know is the way of life and so that makes New Year resolution a constant thing.
This might surprise you but the resolution of a thing is never a helping hand in our growth be it morally and spiritually because that only try to make you forget you previous year old self (Challenges, failures and weakness) and make you try to be something you might never like. The fact is when you accept who you were the previous year, develop a good principled habit of facing and challenging your greatest challenge and don’t just barge into New Year with lots of resolutions.
Years back I made some great and positive resolutions (that is if it worked out) but it all ended up without anything good because all are since forgotten in the long run of the year. Does that make new year an enemy to me? Absolutely not why because in some sense I try to make myself an enemy to myself. You might be wondering HOW? I wasn’t fully prepared and ready with a determined heart to take on and keep to the entire resolution thing.
The real deal and problem is because I overheard someone whispering to his friend ‘’How About New Year Resolutions?’’ or possibly witnessing someone making an open public resolution prompted my sleeping idea of resolutions and just let me make them in some seconds. The hidden fact is you have no idea about what that person is up to or how serious he/she is with it. That leads to the issue of self comparison which is a very bad idea.
Just like the dictum ‘’ When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’’ and ‘’the end always matters not the beginning’’. Many started (Begins) good and well and ended up on the rough side of the roadmap of the hoped destination and vice-versa. It only takes some seconds to conceive and bring out the resolutions idea but the issue is never on the Making rather Keeping up to it which requires a lot of self training, determinations and discipline to help you through.
Before I rest my case, let me leave you with some words of advice.
Without self training, determinations and discipline, nothing Yes NOTHING about your resolution will work out not forgetting the most important part ‘Committing every bit of it to the supreme spiritual being knowing fully that we are all human and can sometimes fail ourselves.


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